Restaurants using User-Generated Content for Feedback

QSR Magazine recently writes about how to use feedback from consumer review sites, blogs, and other social media to help the marketing and operations at your restaurant – in this case, they’re referring to chain restaurants, but their advice is still good:

“Responding to those who post such comments is a crucial component in monitoring customer feedback…you have to tell the customers you have heard them and are working to address their concerns.”

I’ve written a case study analyzing user-generated content about the 88-location Buca di Beppo restaurant chain – you can read more about the case study and download a .pdf version of the restaurant reputation tracking case study on the blog.


2 responses to “Restaurants using User-Generated Content for Feedback

  1. Great report using the Buca example – well done!

  2. Understanding the value of negative feedback is sometimes difficult when you’re on the receiving end. Here’s a reaction from one of our restaurateurs:

    “[..] it’s unacceptable to have bad comments of the restaurant in its page on your website, so delete it and don’t let bad comments like this enter in your website, you must control them.”

    Needless to say: as the negative review was written in a constructive fashion, it should have been welcomed and used to improve the restaurant’s service. The offending comment will stay…

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