USAToday’s Expert – ‘Get your business on the Internet’

USAToday’s Steve Strauss comments on small business’ need to have a website:

A few days ago on a busy school night, my wife called and asked me to pick up some dinner on the way home. She mentioned a restaurant we like, even though we don’t get to it often, and asked me to look up their menu online so we could figure out what to get.

Yet try as I might, I couldn’t find their website. It finally dawned on me that they did not have one. But since we had not been there in quite a while and could not remember everything on their menu, we decided to get dinner from another place.

This is only one anecdotal case in point (a rather high profile one).  The key points to remember from his comment are:

1.  Make sure your information is up on the web –  if not on your own website, put it up on one of the many restaurant listing sites out there (see my previous post for a list).

2.  Make sure your information shows up in the search engines’ search results – whether it’s your own website or on a third-party website.


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